Recognising a damaged skin barrier… By Caroline Humphrey of The Pure Skin Studio


The skin barrier is the protective top layer of the skin. It keeps the delicate lower layers safe from harm by blocking pollution particles and free radicals from penetrating and causing skin issues. It also helps to retain moisture in the skin. Made up of lipids, fatty acids, and ceramides, when the skin barrier is in good working order, the skin looks plump, hydrated, smooth, and healthy, with no blemishes or redness.

What can damage the skin barrier?
As the first line of defence against skin threats, the skin barrier must work effectively to repel not just pollutants, but also irritants and allergens. Even if you have a flawless skincare regime, there are an array of external factors that can trigger disturbances in your skin’s protective barrier.

Damaged skin barrier causes:
 – Air pollution, allergens and irritants
  Alkaline detergents or soaps
 – Too much sun exposure
Extremely dry or humid environments
Over-washing or over-exfoliating your skin
Harsh chemicals
Psychological distress

Moreover, using skincare products that are inappropriate for your skin can strip it of moisture and disrupt the barrier function.

How can you tell if the skin barrier is damaged? 
A damaged skin barrier makes the skin highly sensitive and reactive. Skin is likely to flare up with redness and itchiness when skincare products are applied. The skin may also feel uncomfortably dry, tight, and flaky. Breakouts, redness, and rashes are also very common. Fortunately, strengthening the skin barrier is very much possible and can quickly address these issues.

Which ingredients support the skin barrier? 
A healthy skin barrier will retain moisture and remain hydrated throughout the day. The skin will feel soft to the touch and look plump and youthful. Moisturizing products help support the skin barrier with ceramides and oils. Ingredients that contain shea butter, inca inchi oil, and Squalane will help to restore the skin’s lipid balance. We expect niacinamide to become a top trend soon, thanks to its ability to calm the skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and reduce the impact of damaging environmental factors. 

So, if you’re struggling with an uncomfortable, damaged skin barrier, reach out and book a skin consultation and you’ll soon discover the impact of a healthy Skin barrier.

To Book a Consultation:
Call: 07557 773870

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