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Life is a whirlwind of changes, each chapter bringing new experiences and milestones. Amidst these moments, one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked or postponed is estate planning through the creation and regular updating of a Will. Guardianship Wills with Integrity, an Oxfordshire-based Will Writing company with over two decades of expertise, recognises the pivotal role a Will plays in securing your future and the futures of your loved ones. 

Imagine this: you’ve recently tied the knot, moved to a new home, or welcomed a precious addition to the family. These significant life events mark not just personal milestones but also underscore the need to reassess and safeguard your financial and familial future. 

Marriage, a union of hearts and lives, is not only about love but also about responsibility. Creating or updating a Will after marriage ensures that your partner is adequately provided for and that your shared assets are distributed according to your wishes in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Likewise, moving to a new house is more than a change of address; it’s a shift in your life’s landscape. Your assets and property might have undergone changes, necessitating a review of your Will to reflect these alterations accurately. Ensuring that your Will aligns with your current property ownership is crucial. 

Then there is the arrival of a new family member, whether through birth or adoption, whilst this brings immense joy it also brings a heightened sense of responsibility. Instructing a Will Writer after this momentous event allows you to designate guardianship for your child and allocate resources for their well-being, offering peace of mind amid life’s uncertainties.

However, creating a Will is only the initial step. The importance of periodically updating it cannot be overstated. As life progresses, circumstances evolve, and so do your assets, family dynamics, and preferences. Failing to update your Will after significant changes may lead to unintended consequences, potentially leaving your loved ones in precarious situations.

Guardianship Wills with Integrity encourages individuals and families to revisit their Wills regularly, ideally every three to five years, or whenever a major life event occurs. This practice ensures that your Will remains a true reflection of your current wishes and circumstances. 

In conclusion, a Will isn’t merely a legal document; it’s a testament to your care and consideration for your family’s future. Whether you’ve recently celebrated a marriage, moved house, or welcomed a new member into your family, taking the time to create or update your Will is an invaluable investment in securing the well-being of your loved ones and preserving your legacy.

Article written by Michael Bradley of GuardianShip Wills with Integrity.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment; take charge of your future today by entrusting your Will to experienced professionals like GuardianShip Wills with Integrity. Contact on T: 07868 746406  or

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