Look locally over the garden gate with Lucie Giselle Ponsford

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April’s garden feature is all about Screening! You know this is probably the biggest role of garden design, it certainly is the most frequent consideration for my clients.

We live in communities, we are social beings and yet our home is our sanctuary and a green oasis is the best refuge from our busy lives, a place to spend time with our nearest and dearest, insulated from the world. 

So, how can we aesthetically preserve our privacy without making an aggressive defensive statement?

First consider where you are going to sit? Spend time and note the sight lines. A carefully planted tree or three within the garden rather than on the boundary edge can offer better screening. Remember the beauty of perspective: we get greater height coverage from something closer to us.

Pleached trees, which look like hedges on stilts are fabulous solutions for you if you do want to plant on the boundary line, though they are expensive and need time to establish and thicken out.

If you do want to heighten your fence there are legal limits on our fence heights generally at 6ft. However this can increase to 8ft with a trellis or slatted screening.

What is my preference? 

As a designer I would be drawing your focus not on what you need to screen but on what you want to see when you are in your garden. A pergola over a seating area can make a beautiful destination in the garden and provide screening for you when you are dining or chilling. Keep that focus positive and improve what you have in your space rather than bolstering your boundary with trees or fences that will draw your eye to the problem.

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Hello @followers Welcome to the July 2024 Issue of Look Local Magazine. I want to dedicate this months letter to three NEW local businesses that I have been made aware of. First up we have Beauty at No.11 which is a sustainable beauty studio that has opened in Watlington. Owned by Watlington resident, 23-year-old Georgina Eales, the salon offers the full range of treatments that customers would expect to find in larger salons, but with the emphasis very much on sustainable, hypo-allergenic products. Georgina, who learned her craft with respected beauty industry leaders Clinique and Charlotte Tilbury, has clear ideas about how to set her business apart from others. She is the only beauty studio within a 25-mile radius to offer Hona, a pioneer of hypo-allergenic nail products. Other innovative services include Elim, a medical grade pedicure treatment, which uses state of the art ingredients to remove hard skin from the feet. You can find our more about Beauty at No.11 on their website www.booksolo.co/beautyatno11. The next business I want to give a shout out to is a small, sustainability-led retail business called Comhla (pronounced - coh-la), which means ‘together’. Founded by Lucie Harrild, the brand aims to help customers step away from fast fashion by enjoying a variety of brands and services using their mantra: Buy Well. Mend. Extend. Lucie was a sustainability professional for the last 20 years and then in 2022 ventured into the world of Comhla, in 2023 she opened a small boutique in Long Crendon to showcase the concept she is building online into a reality for customers. For more information about the business or to shop, visit them in person at Manor Stables, Long Crendon, HP18 9FF or head to their online shop www.comhla.co.uk. With the online world in mind, and with summer well and truly upon us now, this leads nicely onto the third new business I wanted to bring to your attention to. Cool Heat Solution specialise in cooling, heating and outdoor living essentials for your home and garden. Turn to page 12-13 for their Top Picks of the perfect products to transform your outdoor space and embrace alfresco living! Or head straight to their website, www.coolheatsolution.co.uk, to shop their extensive collection of top quality products from the UKs best loved brands. Until next month, enjoy reading...Love Emma xREAD ONLINE VERSION HERE: https://look-localmagazine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/JUL24_Issue139_28pg_WEB.pdf ... See MoreSee Less
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