STYLE FILE: Wedding Wow Factor, get it white! With ColourFirst’s Jo Baldwin-Trott

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Brides, Maids, Mothers and Men, too!

A brides dress can make or break her ‘BIG DAY’, so it is vital to get it 100% spot on from the fit to the length but most importantly the colour, as it is likely to be the same shade all over. 

Having been a colour consultant for 7 years it still amazes me is how impactive the ‘right white’ can look on a client, compared to the wrong one!  And it continues to amaze my clients – that their complexion looks completely different when they are wearing their perfect white which has the right hue and under tone.  

A Colour First Colour Consultation will show you what type of skin tone you have – either cool or warm, deep or light – and consequently whether Ivory, Bright Cream, White or Soft white is your perfect white.  There’s a lot of it in your dress so it really is worth getting the colour PERFECT for your big day.  This month’s feature is wedding-focused so please read and enjoy some great colour and style ideas to have people ‘wowing’ at your outfits. Have a wonderful day! 

Shopping for wedding outfits is a major event for so many and a key time when you will be looking for the ‘perfect’ dress, suit or hat, especially as the trend has gone about turn and people are making a real effort at weddings, thank goodness! I could write a whole Look Local Magazine on style advice for wedding wear but instead, here are some tips to creating a great outfit for the Bride, Groom & Bridesmaids.

    The right white will GIVE YOU A GLOW, balance your features and skin tone and bring out the colour in your eyes. It will reduce any lines or shadows and allow you to create a natural make-up palette for your Big Day. The wrong white will do the complete opposite and basically mean that your make-up artist will need to alter and sometimes deepen your natural skin tone and add more blusher than normal in order to change your natural colouring. A good make-up artist will be able to do all the above very easily but wouldn’t you prefer to look a little more natural and just enhance your features and natural colouring?  Choosing your gorgeous gown in the RIGHT WHITE will do this for you. Check out my YouTube video about choosing the ‘Right White’, via this link
  • GROOMS – SET THE TONESimilar to brides, choosing the right colour suit will enhance your natural skin tone making you look dapper on your big day. To do this, take the material of your chosen attire to the window with the mirror and hold it under your chin and see how it changes your face. The shirt will then follow and then your chance to add some colour with a cravat, tie, bow-tie and/or pocket square, waistcoat etc.On a style front allow yourself to be individual. Clements & Church, Oxford, offer bespoke suits in a stunning range of material.  M&S tailor make suits.  If you get a great suit you love you’ll wear it again and again.  If you’re hiring then try the alternative options.  It’s not all about the bride you know!


Charcoal + aqua/fuscia/silver |Soft Bright Grey + apricot/light turquoise/lilac |Dark Navy + cornflower blue/silver/bright green.

  • BRIDESMAIDS – GET CREATIVEThis is a chance to really use creative colour, but be kind to your bridesmaids!  Blush Pink suits hardly anyone (around 10%* of the UK population). Think, these lovely ladies will be surrounding you all day as well as appearing in many of the photos. You don’t want them looking peaky and pasty or over done in make-up, which is what they’ll need if the dress doesn’t suit their skin tone.There are some colours that will just about cover all skin tones: Soft Coral will suit most skin tones, as will light Turquoise (when it’s stronger in green than blue) as will a slightly deeper Lilac.  But do they all need to wear the same.  The best option to flatter all and to create interest and individuality is to put your bridesmaids in tones of the same colour. This is SO impactive and will make stunning photos as well as allow your bridesmaids to shine naturally in the tone that suits them.


Halterneck: Stunning for the smaller frame/chested.
Low Scooped neckline with small capped sleeve suits the larger figure.
Full gathered skirt is great for a slim figure.
Fitted longer skirt with a wide empire section great for curvier women.


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