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THE BIG INTERVIEW: Luis Troyano, The Great British Bake Off 2014 Finalist…


The Great British Bake Off is once again filling our TV screens with mouth-watering temptations and we watch in anticipation as each baker works hard to impress Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with their culinary skills. One person who knows only too well how it feels to be in the Bake Off kitchen is last year’s finalist, Luis TroyanoLook Local Magazine were lucky enough to interview Luis ahead of his recent book launch ‘Bake it Great’ and his appearance at this years Thame Food Festival to ask him a few questions about his life since finding fame on the BAFTA winning TV series.

Congratulations on your book launch Luis. So tell us all about it?
I think a lot of recipe books can assume too much knowledge from the baker and often skim over the important bits, such as the exact cooking process of a bake. I wanted to create simple yet detailed recipes. The biggest baking fails happen during the cooking phase with many books simply saying, “place cake on the middle shelf of the oven’ but what they fail to tell you is exactly where, for example ‘towards the back’ ‘near the front’ etc. With this in mind I’ve written some helpful tips offering advise on how to get the best out of your oven and when exactly to take a bake out to achieve optimum results. There are recipes influenced by my Spanish upbringing, and never-seen-before family recipes handed down the generations.

There’s a section in your book all about honey. Why do you love to use it in your baking?
I am a keen beekeeper so I’m lucky to have access to good stock. I just love how many different flavours you can get from honey and how the taste differs depending on what area of the country the bee’s come from. I use it in my cooking as a sugar substitute as it’s more natural than refined sugar and gives a lovely flavour at the same time.

What got you into baking?
I spent a lot of time in Spain as a child visiting food markets and grew up in a restaurant so food was always a part of my life. But I think my passion for cooking came from my fascination with flour. I always found in amazing how one simple ingredient could produce so many creations. So I decided to play around with it and see what variations I could come up with using flour as my base ingredient.

Any finally, why did you get involved with Thame Food Festival?
I’ve been to many food festivals in the past but Thame is one that’s talked about nationwide and is highly respected in the baking world. I love the fact that although its grown tenfold its stayed close to its roots by supporting local food & drink producers and charities. I’m honoured to be a part of it and really excited about my role as ‘judge’ in the Big Thame Bake Off.

Luis Troyano Bake It Great

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