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Shops in Thame join together to support the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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On Wednesday, 5 April, Thames Valley Police’s Thame Neighbourhood Policing Team launched a Shop Watch in Thame aiming to adopt a better community spirit and improve communications between the retail premises of Thame.

Police Community Support Officer James Hopkin, based at Thame, said;

“The stores that have signed up will be receiving a radio which will be linked to each other and the force itself. This will enable faster and better communication between the shops.”

“The purpose of Shop Watch is to enable instant communication between retailers. An example of when Shop Watch would show its full potential would be if a group were trying to spend counterfeit currency in one store, they could contact any other stores in the Shop Watch to make them aware.”

“Secondly there will also be a scheme similar to Pub Watch, where a person banned from one shop will be banned from all. This will cover any offence they have committed and hopefully reduce the number of issues in the town.”

“This has been a partnership approach involving Thames Valley Police, South and Vale Crime Partnership, Thame Town Council and MRS communications.”

For more information please contact the Neighbourhood Police Team on thamewatlingtonchinnorNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk.

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