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Imagine you were in a car showroom, and you got a call from the place you bought your last car, who told you that you couldn’t buy a new car until you’d owned theirs for the full three years, and no you couldn’t part-exchange it for a different brand.  

That unlikely scenario is played out constantly for people who find themselves locked into owning home alarms with call centre contracts. What makes it even more unfortunate for them is that the home alarm business has been turned on its head by new products that make the call centre slower, less efficient, and much more expensive than modern rivals.

Rycote Security, a local alarm company, is bringing the revolution to Thame. They supply and fit wireless alarms with built-in cameras that send images straight to your own mobile.  You can set them to detect intruders, tell you when the kids let themselves in, or you can just check any time what the dog is up to. What’s more when there is a real alert you get the quickest notification – not via a call centre, and you can make an instant and informed decision on what to do next, reducing the risk of false alarms. You can even set or unset your alarm from your phone.

Rycote Security have designed a game-changing offer to free you from aggressive lock-ins.


When you buy a Rycote alarm they give you a lifetime guarantee that they will buy it back from you for a pre-set fair price without you needing to explain why. That’s on top of their two year guarantee. Even better than that, once it’s paid for, either in one payment or through their flexible credit, then its completely yours with no monthly fees, no final settlement nothing more to pay for a top-of-the-range modern alarm.

No wonder they’re now the fastest growing security provider in Oxfordshire.

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