November’s On The Mic: Suzanne Poulter, a fantastic local woodwind performer and tutor!


Every month we will be focussing on particular music groups or events in the area and finding out more about our local musicians. In this issue we are going to focus This month we are going to focus on Suzanne Poulter, a fantastic local woodwind performer and tutor!

Q: How did your interest in music start?

A: I can remember approaching my parents and asking to learn to play the flute around the age of 5. My parents, who are not musical, were very surprised and told me quite clearly that first I had to learn to play the recorder and read music and then, maybe, I could have a flute. I can remember feeling really disappointed that I had to wait, but I was determined. I was 8 when I got my hands on a flute for the first time. I think I had seen an orchestra on the television and decided that it was rather cool to play an instrument where you couldn’t see what your fingers were doing (unlike clarinets, oboe etc.), and I always liked the mellow tones it produced. I can also say that James Galway had quite an input and impressed me with the long phrases he could sustain and the beautiful tone he created when he played.

Q: Tell us about the first time your performed in front of an audience?

A:  This would have been at junior school. I was the only flautist in the school and very proud of the fact. I remember performing in front of the school at a Harvest Assembly and I still have a press cutting of the event published in the local paper!

Q: How did ‘Flute Fun’ come about?

A: Flute Fun was created to represent the teaching practice I have built and to promote the health and educational benefits of learning an instrument. It is well documented that music is an effective tool for communication and can support a young person’s psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. I am passionate about Music Therapy too and have worked as a volunteer to gain some experience in this field. I recognise how music enriches and supports our lives, whatever our age, and Flute Fun enables me to network and promote this. I am also working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Learning Trust Music to increase my contact time in schools and I am an affiliated teacher with Chiltern Music Academy and Thame Music Academy.

Q: Where have you been performing recently?

A: I love performing and chose to study a Performance Diploma (rather than Teaching Diploma) whilst at the Guildhall. A few years ago, I founded a flute quartet and we had a residency at the Hilton Hotel in Gatwick along with performing concerts at a more local level. Last year I was in the pit band for a musical called ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ – it was a fantastic venture and I hope to be involved with Penguin Musicals in the near future. With my educational commitments I haven’t had a lot of time for further performances but I am always looking for the right projects to get involved with. I still aspire to perform in the West End theatres in a pit band, but these jobs are hard to come by – but it’s good to remain ambitious and aspire to new ventures.

Q: How can you be contacted?

A:  I love hearing from anyone who has an interest in creating music, whether it’s for a community project, theatre production or individual tuition so please do get in touch. I have also entered many students for grade exams with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). I can offer music therapy style lessons along with recorder lessons for younger musicians.

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