Business Matters: Mark Tubb gives us his view on the EU referendum


Ahead of the referendum on 23rd June as to whether we should vote to stay or leave the European Union, Mark Tubb, Business Mentor and Co-Director at Princes Risborough Golf Club gives us his views on the subject…

EUROPE: From a business perspective being part of Europe should be a positive thing for all members. Together we should certainly be stronger and in turn being divided must surely mean greater areas of weakness.  However, there is little doubt that Europe is currently flawed due to mismanagement and perhaps even corruption.  Greater strength may not just mean a united Europe but within this Britain also having a fairer membership deal.

It could be argued that the referendum is about the wrong subject. We are as much a part of the European economy as Germany and France and the other countries. We are already immersed into Europe to such a depth that simply walking away is nonsensical.   Instead of saying, ‘should we stay or should we go’ we should instead be spending our efforts on deciding the matters we are prepared to allow an elected European body to make and those decisions that should remain within our jurisdiction.

I firmly believe it is better for us to be part of Europe and to be able to influence Europe as much as Germany and France. So as a person running a business and as a person employed by a business, I have to say, “stay a member of the European Club”. However, just because we are members of ‘the club’ doesn’t mean we have to be completely dictated to.  We need to re-negotiate our terms and start asking questions about the corruption that appears evident within ‘the club’.

For what it’s worth some key thoughts I believe to be true at this time:

European Government and all Government are corrupted by the power they wield. Most politicians do not have the necessary experience to do a proper honest and courageous job in the positions they hold and most are corrupted to a degree by personal ambition, agenda and greed. The whole political system in Europe and the UK is flawed and abused and paid for by equally flawed taxation of the honest workers’ sweat. That said; without a Government in place democracy cannot work – so Government (even that formed by the current breed of greedy self-interested politicians throughout the world) is a necessary evil. If all corruption and inefficiency is removed the money raised in tax will more easily cover the services we need so its worth fighting to remove both.

We should tell the European Parliament that we are as much a part of Europe as the other members are, that we do not want to leave Europe and will remain in Europe unless they shortsightedly decide to throw us out, however, using common sense (rather than arrogance) we will not accept unnecessary and inefficient control by a European Parliament.

I could go on at length on this subject however amongst the most important points in my view would  be:

Europe should add value and efficiency for all members and not seek to add unnecessary or inefficient controls. For example “Freedom to move around within Europe” does not mean that individual countries cannot control what is offered to visitors or people that are new to a country and individual countries should be able to restrict entry at times and on what terms they choose. We must be able to protect our borders and economy as our own needs dictate. We will be kind and thoughtful about the plight of others as far as we reasonably can – as we always are – but it must be our decision.

Cost of EU membership should be reasonable and fair for all countries and focus should be to limit unnecessary controls and costs of the EU and minimise the membership fee that needs to be paid by all. Our membership fee needs to be reduced sharply.

European Law proposed by committee should never be more powerful than UK Laws that have been formed through long democratic argument and precedents. Our laws are fair and within our borders, our law is the law. Our laws can and will be changed by us within our system if perceived to be unjust or outdated.

We will maintain our own army and military defence force and work with other European Countries to defend Europe, others and ourselves as our elected Government decides.

Our own elected government must decide taxation policy and economic policies.

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