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Learning to Meditate by Sophie Lacey, of Linden Tree Meditation™

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Mindfulness is about the present moment. It is anything you do to truly connect with the here & now. Present moment living eliminates worry about the future and regret about the past; it sharpens experiences and emotions, enables full concentration and allows connection with others; it facilitates empathy and forgiveness; it heightens pleasurable physical sensations, and by the same token, reduces pain by taking away self-talk or anxiety about pain.

All of this matters because even without health issues, we all have periods of wanting a calmer, quieter life and tend to get swept up in too much information, too much multi-tasking, being constantly distracted or overloaded, and striving to be somewhere else other than where we are now.

Mindfulness meditation combines focus through breath with awareness of thoughts and sensations to lead us gently back into the present. At Linden Tree Meditation, you will learn a number of helpful mindfulness techniques, while exploring the twin flames of focus and awareness and the relationship between them. Breath is the foundation and makes up the first part of every session. We look in detail at breathing exercises and breath focus methods. We also explore other aids to focus such as candle flames, mantras, images or sounds.

We then examine awareness: the importance of curiosity and non-judgement about where our sensations, thoughts and emotions are coming from, and the identifying of patterns and habitual thinking in order to quieten the mind. In some meditations we encourage our awareness to be unrestrained, open and free, in order to develop creative thinking.

These approaches are covered in a number of classes being planned for September: a 5-week Beginners’ Meditation Course in Thame, Meditation in the Garden at Oxford Botanic Garden, a 7-week Chakra Meditation Course, and a Menopause Meditation Circle.

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