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HEALTH & WELLBEING: Bowen Therapy Case Files…

Jen Webster

This month I would like to update readers with Lynda’s case history and how Bowen Therapy has helped her in many ways

I first wrote about her story in June 2014 with a follow up in April. Lynda prompted me to write about her again after listening to an interview on Radio 4: Inside Health: Wednesday 22 July.

This debate, between an orthopaedic consultant, Inside Health’s Doctor and a surgeon who was also the medical director of BUPA, explored the usefulness of arthroscopic surgery in the light of evidence that intervention is not always required or indeed useful. The conclusion, in brief, was that of ‘watchful waiting’ to see if the knee gets better with conservative treatment.

Lynda first came to see me early in 2012 following major gynae surgery. During our initial consultation I uncovered ‘old’ issues relating to back and hip pain, and knee injuries from skiing accidents, problematic hot flushes and tinnitus. She responded very well to Bowen treatments and reported: ‘I felt enormous benefits. At each appointment my issues were taken into consideration, the sessions were gentle, hugely relaxing and I believe contributed to my speed pain free recovery. Both tinnitus and hot flushes subsided, and back issues resolved.”

Lynda was able to go on a planned skiing holiday. Unfortunately she sustained a bad knee injury at this time, which required arthroscopic surgery. Regular Bowen treatments resumed. Lynda said, “Once again Jen supported me through this process of recovery and renewed my confidence in my physical ability.”

Earlier this year Lynda was involved in another skiing incident which aggravated her knee giving her pain, weakness and restricted movement. She went for an orthopaedic consultation. An MRI scan was recommended, with a view to operating again but Bowen Therapy continued throughout. Prior to the MRI appointment Lynda had a fully functioning knee – with full range of movement and no pain. She decided not to proceed with the scan and has not needed any orthopaedic follow up.

I have been treating Lynda for several years, through surgery, injuries and helping her manage the effects of her physically demanding job. Aches and pains are now managed by regular maintenance treatments – she can work, attend fitness classes and has become a competent runner – now frequently running 10k

Lynda comments: “I now feel good about myself,  Bowen therapy has helped me through some tough times – with Jen’s support I feel really balanced inside and out. Bowen is the most therapeutic relaxing and TREAT ME time.

Having listened to the Inside Health debate, I absolutely support the theory that surgical intervention was not appropriate at this time. It was suggested that physiotherapy ( conservative management ) could be the treatment of choice, though this was the only method used in  trials.

I would like to stress that Bowen Therapy is my treatment of choice and, as Jen has a medical background in Theatre Nursing, I always feel that she will direct me to the medics should the need arise.”

For further information please contact:

Jen Webster (BSc, Cert ECBS, Adv NST, MBTPA, CNHC reg.), Bowen Therapist at The White House,Upper High Street, Thame.
T: 07768 188664

* Note: Bowen Therapy is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.