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The water in the South East, specifically the Buckinghamshire area, is very hard – leading to, the dreaded limescale. That limescale build-up can cause an untold amount of damage to your home – damage you can see and damage you can’t see!

The Soft Water Shop Princes RisboroughWe all recognise unsightly limescale build-up in our kettle, scale on our taps, clogged shower heads and watermarked shower screens, but that’s just the damage we can see. Have you ever thought about the amount of limescale that might be in your water- using appliances, making them run less efficiently and possibly even causing them to break down. Softened water will bring you and your family many benefits in day to day life.

Save time and money and live in luxury!

Limescale removers are only a short- term fix, they don’t tackle the cause, hard water. Save hours cleaning and discover the only long-term solution for limescale – soft water. It will prolong the life of your appliances. Many homeowners are unaware that hard water could be causing daily damage to their washing machine, dishwasher, boiler and water heating systems reducing their efficiency and eventually may even cause them to break down.

If you have never experienced the luxury of bathing in soft water, you will be amazed! Your skin will instantly feel silky smooth, and soft water can even help to alleviate eczema and dry skin conditions. Bubble bath, shampoos and detergents will also go so much further too!

Buy with confidence locally…

Based in Princes Risborough, The Soft Water Shop is an independent business with more than 35 years experience. Talk to their friendly team and they’ll happily recommend a water treatment solution that’s right for you, your home and your budget. They offer a personal service, free site visits and an installation service carried out by fully qualified engineers.

Premier Compact:

The next generation water softener

The next generation water softener…

Call today 01844 346566 or visit www.softwatershop.co.uk

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