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Image Source: Entrance Makleri
Image Source: Entrance Makleri

You would be forgiven for imagining a messy clash of colours and textiles when reviving historic home trends and pairing them with new, but this fusion of past and present actually creates a warm, elegant look. Layer clean, modern colour palettes, like greys, navys and blushes with rich, romantic textures, like marble, dark woods, mixed metallics and heavy fabrics.



We have become increasingly aware of our environmental responsibility and are beginning to make more eco-conscious choices daily, why not reflect this in the design of our homes? This doesn’t mean filling your kitchen with living walls but being resourceful with your designs; upcycle furniture, use natural materials like clay, wood and stone and lower your carbon footprint by buying locally made products.

Soft Pop

Soft Pop

Great news, pink is no longer restricted to girl’s bedrooms, it’s been rebranded as a genderless colour, this means paired with zesty yellows and retro greens it makes for a fun, warm colour palette. Soft pop is blocks of contrasting colours, mismatched patterns and colourful florals.

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