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GET THE LOOK: Questions you may forget to ask when choosing your Natural Stone Worktop!


You’re renovating your kitchen and have decided to invest in a natural stone worktop – they’re stylish, beautiful and hardwearing. You’ve spent weeks contemplating cupboard colours, selecting your stone and deliberating all those design details. But you’re not there yet. We’ve thought about those final questions you should ask before you give your worktop the go ahead.

  1. Where will the joins be? – If your project requires more than one length of stone – which is highly likely in a kitchen – check where your stone mason plans on creating the joins. Maybe they planned to put them either side of your sink but you’d prefer them to be hidden around the hob where there’s less light.
  2. What surface finishes does the stone come in? – Not many people know that granites and marbles, and all other natural stones, don’t just come with highly polished, shiny surfaces. There are often options for matte finishes or even varying degrees of flame brushed.
  3. Where does the stone come from? – Finding out the origin of your stone means you not only get to show-off about how exotic your worktop is, but it can also be an indication of quality. For example, a charcoal veined white marble from Italy will be far better quality than one from China.
  4. How should I care for my stone? – Different natural stones have different care needs, and these needs fit in to different lifestyles – some stones need more attention than others. For example granites are very durable, so wiping them down with an everyday kitchen spray is fine, whereas marble is more sensitive – avoid bleaches and hard chemicals. Also some stones expose marks and crumbs more than others. These details are useful to know when deciding which stone will slot in to your lifestyle best.
By Jade Coulon, Coulon Stone Ltd

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