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The force will be strong this May 4th as The Crown Inn, Sydenham, celebrates International Star Wars Day…


Recently re-opened pub, hosts a Star Wars-themed evening with special 3-Course menu in support of Star Wars linked ASSERT charity.

Whether part of the Rebels, supporters of the Empire, or simply from a galaxy far far away…
Star Wars fans of every ilk will be welcomed to The Crown Inn, Sydenham on Thursday May 4th as the pub celebrates International Star Wars Day.

crown sydenhamWith a 3-Course Set Menu for £29.95, Droids, Wookies and Stormtroopers alike, will be treated to a diverse feast, from ‘Skywalker’s Dagobah Rations’ with ‘Jakku Bread’, Yoda’s favourite ‘Rootleaf Stew’, or ‘Coruscant Beef – Two Ways’ (the ‘Light Side’, and the ‘Dark Side’), accompanied by flasks of ‘Bantha Blue Milkshake’ and ‘Jawa Juice’.

Dessert will be a choice of ‘Leia’s (Cinnamon) Buns’, or the much anticipated re-appearance of The Crown Inn signature chocolate ‘Star Wars Battle Scene’, as featured on BBC South in December 2016….

New management couple & avid Star Wars fans, Will & Pippa, were inspired to host the unique event, not only in celebration of the popular Disney movie franchise, but also in support of the ASSERT charity, which works with families affected by Angelman’s Syndrome.

The chromosomal condition, which affects Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Director Gareth Edwards’ niece Ella, also affects Will & Pippa’s niece Holly. ASSERT is The Crown Inn’s charitable partner, and proceeds from the Star Wars evening, like with all the pub’s events, will be donated to the charity.

Landlady Pippa, explained,

“Apart from being huge fans of the movies, there was such a great response from the original chocolate ‘Star Wars Battle Scene’ dessert, we were excited to expand the idea. We have as much fun creating memorable dining experiences for our visitors, as they do eating them, and being able to support & promote ASSERT even more is a fantastic feeling and result for us, and our niece Holly.”

The popular community pub in Sydenham, located just 3 miles from Thame & Chinnor, has been revived since the team took over in October 2016, having been limited to a drinking establishment for the last few of years.

The kitchen is once again in full swing with lunch & dinner being served daily (Tuesday to Saturday) as well as a delicious roast selection offered each Sunday – all produced by ex-Savoy trained head chef Will.

The monthly changing seasonal menu sits alongside local draft & guest ales (including Rebellion, XT & Malt) and has a pudding selection to satisfy even the sweetest tooth…which has been received with so much acclaim, the pub secured a spot on BBC South in December 2016 applauding its delicious ingenuity.

For more information and to check out The Crown Inn’s current menu, please visit the website; 

For more information on the ASSERT Charity, please visit:

Follow them on Facebook at @CrownSydenham

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