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Even fashion guru and style icon Victoria Beckham appears to have stepped into the breach of REALISTIC STYLING and PRACTICAL FASHION recently stating I just can’t do heels anymore…clothes have to be simple and comfortable”*Well, we could’ve told you that VB but considering she  has been known to openly declare her loathing for flat shoes this is quite a breakthrough!  This month’s feature is all about fashion that is practical – including all the key trends and advice on how to wear, bend and shape them to work, for guys and girls, to help you update your wardrobe (I hope you have banished the burgundy and browns already!

Being British requires compulsory quirkiness, one of the reasons why I am hoping to grow my business in the US – they love it!  As do I.  So embrace your individual styling, pic n mix, mix ‘‘n’’ match and feel comfy.  If VB is doing it, then it’s good for the rest of us!!  And as slides and mules are coming back round as a key shoe trend, we (the female ‘we’) can all breathe a sigh of relief.  “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable.  Style is more about being yourself” – Hear, hear Oscar de la Renta.  And although I love my FASHION FIX, style is what it’s all about.  

     with love, Jo xx


  1. STAND OUT IN SILVER: A big trend with Louis Vuitton this season although a colour that rarely disappears for long. Wear this spring with the pastels and pale colours which are featuring everywhere and you’re adding lightness and brightness, especially if you are fair and have a very pale skin tone.  Great in a bomber jacket (see below), cardigan or belt just for a little bling.
  2. LOOK THE BOMB: Time to dig out your bomber jacket but unless it is in pristine condition with no signs of Hubba Bubba or fluorescent spray paint, check out the ones in the stores.  Bombers have taken a truly oriental turn and it is all about satin, dragons and intricate pattern.  But if you’re not as brave as Jared Leto who has a gorgeous Souvenir Jacket all the way from China then more low key offerings can be found in Versus – in groovy camouflage, Levi’s Vintage Seal Bomber is more classic, along with H&M, Belstaff and Topshop.
  3. COM-PLEAT YOUR LOOK: Resembling tropical birds was popular with designers such as Stella McCartney and Chloe on the catwalks.  Look for pleated dresses and skirts, maxi dresses and maxi skirts, in satin and sheen and more importantly in bright primary colours.  We will never tire of red and white with navy, so fresh looking.  WOW (Word of Warning) – the width of the stripe widens the wearer in the same direction!  So, consider thinner stripes in more contrasting colours if you are an average size, for the lean wear vertical and wide.
  4. SLIP DRESSES: are stunning and who doesn’t look fantastic in silk?  But keep the styling and accessories simple and the hemline longer than your bedtime nightie.  Just add gorgeous heels or simple sandals, fine ear-rings and natural lipcolour. Christopher Kane and Chloe have some gorgeous examples, as do Mango (in gorgeous light teal).
  5. OFF THE SHOULDER or even SHOULDER CUT OUT in blouses, dresses and teamed with stripes – a fresh spring look.

And for the more adventurous of the Look Local readers here is a quick rundown of the more abstract trends this season; 

  • Remember Ra-Ra skirts? Ruffles are back for the summer in either modern graphic, pretty florals or block colour
  • 80’s costume – leather and t’s, metal and fishnet
  • Statement ear-rings – ‘TOO BIG’ is a phrase which you won’t hear this summer
  • Animal print – like silver, never seems to leave the shops
  • Large Checks – the bigger and bolder the better – but will make you look bigger and bolder so great for slim figures
  • Monogramming is taking off – Burberry have been offering the service for a long while but now that Top Shop have taken on the service the concept will be a popular one
  • Trackies – silk, satin and sensuous, no viscose allowed

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