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Learn more about how hearing technology can keep you connected to the world and help to keep your brain active.


The eyes are often referred to as the gateway to our soul – perhaps then we could think of the ears as a gateway to the brain! From the moment we are born the input from our auditory system is shaping our neural pathways. So we must not ignore this fact as we age. If the brain stops receiving auditory signals such as speech and conversation, social isolation is a likely consequence and this is seen to be a significant factor in early onset dementia.

It is mishearing that can age a person not the wearing of hearing aids. Recent reports show that 81% of hearing aid users are satisfied with their devices, but this goes up to 91% for people with instruments less than one year old. This shows how far hearing aids have come, and how advances in technology are improving people’s lives. The old fashioned view is that hearing aids age you – but the truth is – it is mishearing that ages you and those who empower themselves by using state of-the-art hearing technology are keeping young and connected for longer – which has to be a good thing!

Hearing Technology has made great leaps forward in the last few years, opening up new possibilities for its users. Just as our mobile phones have become smaller, shinier, and more advanced than ever before, huge developments have also been made for hearing aids. With new functions, better processing and more cosmetic designs, hearing devices now offer some of the most innovative wearable technology available today.

CONNECTIVITY – helping to keep you connected.

Many hearing aids can be paired with a smart-phone. This means more control than ever before for the user, allowing hearing devices to fit in with the rest of your technology and your busy lifestyle. Bluetooth technology, allows hearing aid wearers to stream sounds from the television directly into their aids, meaning volume can be set for personal needs without disturbing anyone else watching.

LOOK NO HANDS – Hearing Technology offers complete hands-free options, so you can hear the phone call directly in both ears via the hearing aids at the right level, providing much better clarity.

APPLE OR ANDROID – The made-for-iPhone hearing aids offer very simple solutions for connectivity and android phone users have the option to download free apps, turning your phone into a remote control for your aids, allowing you to adjust volumes, switch to special programmes for certain sound environments and use directional speech focus technology – all controllable discreetly with your mobile phone in real-time.

SPEECH IN BACKGROUND NOISE – One of the greatest challenges for people with hearing loss is hearing speech in noisy environments. It is still one of our most challenging areas, but the options available now do make the very best of any situation.

We also encourage people to train themselves to become better lip-readers and crucially, better listeners. There is an art to listening well and we can all practice these techniques to help support the hearing technology.

By Aston Hearing Services

**Free Hearing Technology Workshop**
Friday 5th May at Thame Town Hall, Thame 10am-2pm –

–  Reserve your place to avoid disappointment by email – or phone 01494 733840

Hands-on demonstrations | Free Hearing Tech Trials | Qualified Independent Advice from Audiologists and Experienced Hearing Aid Wearers | Information on NHS Aids.

Plus workshops to learn more about how it all works – hearing, technology, auditory processing, listening, ears and sound.

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