EDITORIAL: The dog listener…

Roselle 020

“. . he’s a great dog but he goes after other dogs & won’t come back when I call.”

“I am so pleased with my rescue dog & want to give him the best life possible. He’s such a good dog but follows me like a shadow & messes in the house if I go out..”

“I’ve had my pup for a while and it’s not quite as easy as I thought – she’s very excitable, jumps up, nips & barks a lot!”

“My dog’s not quite the companion I had hoped for. Friends tell me i’ve bought the wrong breed.”


Above are just some of the issues that Dog Listener, Roselle Collins, deals with on a regular basis.

Roselle has always loved dogs, starting off like many people with a childhood pet which she and her mum took to puppy training classes.  “My mum and I learned a lot but our puppy spent most of its time chasing the tail of the dog in front,” she remembers, “but it was good fun!”  

It was some years later that Roselle heard about Jan Fennell and her method known as Amichien Bonding (AB).

Roselle explains, “I hadn’t been able to have a dog for a while but circumstances changed and I was soon thrilled to bring home a beautiful puppy.  It all started so well but he developed several behavioural issues and I tried different training methods in my efforts to sort him out.  Nothing worked and I was getting desperate.  Finally, I was given a book called ‘The Dog Listener’ by Jan Fennell.  It made so much sense and I decided to have one more go and asked for a consultation with a Dog Listener trained by Jan.

The consultant explained that, in order to understand our dogs’ behaviour, we need to recognise that they are thinking as canines and not as humans!  Their primary motivation is survival and they look for a leader that they can trust to keep them safe.  Since we do not understand what the dog is looking for, we often inadvertently give our dogs the wrong signals and, in the absence of a suitable leader, the dogs assume that the role must be theirs.  In the human world which their instincts do not equip them to understand, this can be highly stressful for many dogs and results in all sorts of undesirable behaviours.  My consultant explained why my dog was behaving as he was – and, importantly, what I could do about it.  The method is straightforward but I was told that it was not a ‘quick fix’; I needed AB to become a way of life for me and my dog.  It was a revelation and, as I followed the method, the results were speaking for themselves and I found I didn’t want to do anything else!

Nearly ten years later, having trained to be a Dog Listener myself and working with many different dogs, I still don’t want to do anything else!  There is nothing more special than having a great relationship with calm, responsive and happy dogs – and it is an added privilege to be allowed to work with other dog owners to help them to have that wonderful relationship with their own dogs.”

To find out more, call Roselle on 07989 947316.