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Do you have a child with a disability? Bowen Therapy could help!


This month we talk to Jen Webster about a gorgeous little boy called Josh who has severe cerebral palsy caused by a lack of oxygen at birth. Jen explains how Josh’s regular Bowen treatments assist him in his developmental skills.

I first met Josh when he was 14 months old and we have continued with Bowen sessions on a regular basis since then.

Due to his cereal palsy Josh suffers epilepsy, spasms, dystonia, global developmental delay, sleep disorder and swallowing difficulties for which he is tube fed. Josh cannot roll, sit, stand, walk, eat or talk and he has difficulty using his hands so needs lots of help to interact with his environment. He now requires 24 hour care – his primary carers are his parents who are assisted, at home, by a dedicated team of carers. He does however, lead a busy life with visits to NHS neurologists, P.A.C.E and Helen & Douglas House Hospice and many other supporting groups.

The issues that made Josh’s mummy, Clare, seek help to begin with were described as.

  • General discomfort
  • Spasms
  • Bowel dysfunction
  • Dystonia
  • Teething
  • Unable to sleep without sedation
  • Seizures

Clare hoped that Bowen Therapy would help Josh become calmer and aid his sleep quality and so far she sees a significant difference in these areas after his treatments. He continues to present with symptoms of his condition but his overall wellbeing has improved. My remit with Josh will remain the same as he develops.

I recently asked for help from the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (TBLTF) which I am delighted to report had granted Josh a donation of £900.00 to fund some much needed equipment for use at home. Originally set up in Australia in 2003 the TBLTF UK (non-profit making organisation) offer help to children with disabilities who have received Bowen Therapy. It provides mechanical or electrical equipment that will enhance their quality of life.

With the funding, Josh’s parents have been able to purchase an iPad with a gooseneck holder and have been given a contribution towards a swing that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These items will be invaluable to Josh and are deemed essential by this supporting occupational therapists.

I support both the TBLTF and Helen & Douglas House Hospice and donations are always very much appreciated. Donations to either charity can be made via my clinic at The White House in Thame.


To find out more about how Bowen Therapy can help disabilities, contact;

Jen Webster (BSc. RGN Cert ECBS MBTPA)
M: 07768 188664
T: 01844 279296


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