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Chinnor makes way for Roman Soldiers…

Chinnor Passion Play

For the first time, Chinnor is putting on a Passion Play complete with Roman Soldiers, plumes, helmets and spears.   This new and exciting venture will take place in the open air on Whites Field, Mill Lane at 11.00 am and 2.00 pm on Saturday 1st April 2017.

Chinnor Passion PlayThe play is based on the medieval plays and complete with a contemporary twist it will depict the last week in the life of Jesus Christ.

Involvement and scope has widened to include people of different ages, backgrounds and social groups to be part of this exciting event.

It is providing great opportunities for skills and talents to be shown in the areas of acting, organisation, theatre, dance, music, costumes and much more.   It is encouraging new skills to be learnt in a non-threatening atmosphere but the main criteria is for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Did you know, we are also making this event as Eco-friendly as we possibly can! The costumes, props are borrowed or recycled, the cards and leaflets are printed on recycled paper!   Even the script has been grown locally in Chinnor!

There is still opportunities for you to be part and parcel of this event.   Start a new career by taking a non-speaking role as a disciple or Roman Soldier. You will be helped and guided all the way.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Contact:   Ralph on 07790 498718

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