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Business Matters: It’s lonely at the top! How Can A Business Mentor Help You And Your Business?

Business Mentor

Business Mentors are experienced business people who want to pass on their hard won knowledge and experience. If you are wondering how a business mentor could help you or if business mentoring has been recommended to you but you are not sure if it is for you, read on.

Business mentors work with you in a totally supportive way. 

  • They focus on you and your agenda
  • Help you understand your business from a different perspective
  • Help you to cover the many and complex issues in your particular business and solve problems that you may or may not know about already
  • Share their knowledge and experience with you
  • Motivate, support and inspire you

Everyone gets something different from having a business mentor, I have summarised a few of many benefits so that you can see the ones that may be relevant to you:

A CONFIDENTIAL SOUNDING BOARD: It is lonely at the top with little confidential general business and personal support available. Your mentor will be your confidential sounding board, focusing on you, helping analyse your business, advising and supporting you in achieving what you want to achieve.

FULLY UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS: Your mentor will help you to step back from simply running your business enabling you to look at your business from a wider and different perspective.

BUSINESS STRATEGY: How do you want to move your business forward is a key focus.

MAXIMISE BUSINESS AND PERSONAL PERFORMANCE: Your mentor will help you to maximise the performance of your business and your own personal performance in the business. They improve your efficiency and maximise your potential as well as look at different options and ideas, share their own ideas and help you make decisions.

I hope this brief article has given you a taste for the potential benefits of mentoring. As a business mentor myself I am obviously biased, but give it some thought. It may be the best way forward for you. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and should actually increase the fun and profits within your business and personal life.

If you feel you could benefit, call me on 07767 770364 to introduce yourself and have a brief discussion. That will cost you just the time you take to make the call.

By Mark Tubb.
Business Mentor and Co-Director at Princes Risborough Golf Club. For information about meeting facilities call 01844 346989 or visit


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