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Bowen Therapy Practice: Jen’s summer review…

The White House in Thame
Jen Webster, Bowen Therapist at The White House in Thame.
Jen Webster, Bowen Therapist at The White House in Thame.

For me this summer has been full of challenges. You may have read in the September Look Local that The White House Beauty and Holistic Health Clinic has relocated to East Street, Thame. After months of uncertainty, and working in temporary accommodation, I am finally settled in the newly refurbished White House and am very pleased and proud to have my clinic up and running. I enjoyed sanding floors, helping with the painting, organising removals, decorating and shopping for fixtures and fittings.  I will, however, not be swapping renovation work for my Bowen practice.

Throughout the upheaval of the Summer months Bowen Therapy has continued to support all my clients, so with that in mind, I present a summary of the conditions and issues that clients have presented with:

Many clients book appointments at regular intervals to maintain a sense of wellbeing and to ensure they don’t ‘slip back’ to the original presenting issue. I see them every month or two. This is an MOT system which supports clients through work and lifestyle / sport obligations. Most commonly are those with back, neck, hip and shoulder restrictions. Those with headache, hormone and allergy concerns also have benefitted from regular sessions. All report treatments to be deeply relaxing and restorative, enabling them to function fully given their lifestyle choices.

I have been treating babies and children with Cerebral Palsy (and associated issues ), eczema, teething, disturbed sleep patterns and anxiety.  All have respond well to Bowen, as reported by their parents

Teenagers have been treated for symptomatic relief of period pains, anxiety, nail biting, neck spasms and sports injuries.

I have seen an increase in treating clients who suffer foot conditions such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and morton’s neuroma, conditions that are often diagnosed by the medics. These ailments can be deeply uncomfortable and have a knock on effect on the whole body, often resulting in pelvic, shoulder, neck and jaw imbalance.

I have treated a client with Bell’s Palsy and we believe the recovery was ‘speeded’ up due to Bowen treatments. I am currently seeing a lovely young lady with severe neck spasms and intermittent loss of voice control she reported last week “This is the first time I have ever relaxed during any form of treatment” I believe her confidence and ability to cope with her condition has grown over the last few weeks.

I have seen gardeners, farm workers, office workers, sports people, those seeking relief from hormone issues, a young mummy recovering from a traumatic birth and clients struggling with only their own aches, pains and work stress but also dealing with sick and ageing parents.

Many clients present with chronic conditions, issues that are longstanding and have not resolved despite medical intervention. The response to Bowen, is often dramatic and life changing. Everybody is different and everybody responds in a different way. Bowen is a hands on, gentle and effective therapy that will endeavour to address your pain and the issues you present with. It will assist you in achieving better balance and the level of health that you want.

Jen Webster Bowen | Advanced NST practitioner (BSc MBTPA CNHC reg)
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