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Jen Webster, Bowen Therapist at The White House in Thame.
Jen Webster, Bowen Therapist at The White House in Thame.

I am delighted to report that my  Clinic at The White House Beauty and Holistic Health Clinic continues to thrive with the addition of  two lovely therapeutic fitness classes in our peaceful reception area. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome ~ Fit and Tonic with Sharon Ritchie and Yoga me Gently with Sandra Boucher. These classes are hugely beneficial to those wishing to continue with their health improvement and to support the changes in their levels of health and fitness that Bowen Therapy has allowed.

This leads me into sharing this month’s Case Study:

“A lovely lady named Mary came to see me in August. She presented with Chronic Back Pain, which had been ‘on going’ for several months. The pain and restricted range of movement was limiting her life. She was unable to cope with driving for more than 10 minutes, day to day activities and socialising. She was also trying to cope with the recent loss of a very close family member.

Like many of my clients, Mary had been to see her GP, and was referred for an MRI scan. The medics recommended ‘watchful waiting’ with a possibility of a nerve root block in the future.

On our first consultation I noted Mary’s entire medical history and we talked about how limited her life was becoming; notably with the pain, lack of sociability, fatigue and with the loss of her sister and unresolved grief; and a recent fall.

I have since seen Mary on 5 occasions, with each session bringing new improvements both physically and mentally. On the occasion of our last session Mary breezed in, in comfortable gym kit, with the leaflets of Sharon and Sandra in her hand… “Am I ready for these classes?” She asked. The answer was “Yes”

I consider this to be the wonderful culmination of successful Bowen Therapy sessions, with my client accepting this gentle hands on treatment, along with my advice and techniques on how to support her life style issues. I doubt she will need nerve root injections. Mary will continue to see me for occasional maintenance sessions.”

Bowen Therapy, and the advanced form known as Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is an alternative medical system that utilises gentle, clear – cut but powerful soft tissue activations that aids the body in self healing mechanisms. It is an holistic technique, painless and safe to use in all people suffering from muscular and skeletal conditions.

A message from Mary;

‘We’re in Cornwall! And I drove! We broke the journey overnight, but then travelled on down. I can’t believe it – I feel almost normal. A little tweak but nothing to how it was. A huge thank you – I shall come and see you next week for a session and reassurance. I know that perhaps the problem was probably about to resolve, but I believe that your treatment, encouragement and attitude made a huge difference. Just Thank you!  And yes, I’m doing the exercises!” 


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