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Back Pain
Jen Webster, Bowen Therapist at The White House in Thame.
Jen Webster, Bowen Therapist at The White House in Thame.

I have lost count of the number of clients who present in my clinic with Back Pain. Every body is different and therefore each experience of pain and lifestyle limitation is experienced in differing ways.

The majority of my clients present with chronic pain, often having tried to gain relief from prescriptive medication, physiotherapy, diagnostic scans and referrals for interventional procedures.

Untreated pain can interfere with the healing process by affecting the immune system and leading to other undesirable issues. Specifically this discomfort can impede exercise and lifestyle, which risks psychological distress.

Pain is inherently subjective and chronic pain tends to be difficult to treat. Whilst the majority of back pain is self limiting, consideration must be given to the physical and psychological implications; Bowen/Neuro Structural (Spinal) Integration Therapy is a treatment of choice and has a well documented record of success in the treatment of Back Pain which is good news for Low Back Pain and Sciatica sufferers.

New guidelines published by NICE – the National Institute for Clinical Excellence – in November 2016 for the treatment of lower back pain, with and without sciatica concur with the way in which Bowen Therapists treat patients. In brief I am picking up on a few ( recommended )points that are always included in my consultations & treatments;

  • The use of manual therapy / spinal mobilisation / Soft tissue techniques.
  • Reassurance & encouragement to continue with normal activities.
  • Information about the nature of Low Back Pain and Sciatica.
  • Physical activity / supportive exercise plans / programmes to improve fitness.
  • Psychological approach / Return to work

NICE provides national guidance to improve health and social care. Evidence based guidance, advice and information services are available for key groups, including GP’s, local government, healthcare professional and the public.

Occasionally, during a treatment, symptoms may ‘ flag up’  underlying back problems. It should be noted however that although my clients are assessed at every treatment it is not my remit to diagnose but to help my client seek immediate medical attention.

Jen Webster Bowen | Advanced NST practitioner (BSc MBTPA CNHC reg)

T: 07768 188664

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