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BACK PAIN: How Bowen Therapy can help to speed up your recovery

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Rarely a week goes by without a mention of ‘coping with lower back pain’ in the press or on the television. Often your GP is unable to help. This is when Bowen / NST treatments may be the way forward!

In accordance with the NICE guidelines (January 2019) your GP will follow medical pathway protocols and will advise on soft tissue therapy, exercise programmes, to resume normal activities, return to work, use of anti inflammatory medications and if necessary psychological support. Scans, injections, opioid medication, traction, corsets, acupuncture and surgery are not recommended, unless symptom presentation indicates the need for further investigation of underlying conditions. Therefore the case for the majority of Back Pain patients is ‘YOU WILL GET BETTER’!

But what if you don’t… As is the case with many of my clients, they come to be when they’re at a loss as to what to do to get better. I want to share with you a case study of a recent client of mine who was in this very predicament.


Mr A. came to see me at the end of 2018, presenting with a 3 week history of acute low back pain (BP), restricted range of movement and with life ‘on hold’. She was accompanied to my clinic, having been driven lying flat in the back of a car. She was experiencing stomach problems aggravated by the pain, and was unable to tolerate GP prescribed meds. Mrs A. had no confidence to exercise and was unable to fulfil work commitments.

Bowen / NST treatment started after a full history and consultation. I was confident that Mrs A. would respond to treatment over time and advised 3 sessions at a weekly interval with a review at each stage.

Mrs A. was driven to her 2nd appointment, but sitting; On consultation and assessment I observed  a noticeable difference in posture and improved range of movement.  A decrease in pain was reported. She drove herself to her 3rd appointment, significant progress had been made and during these 3 weeks she did not  need pain meds and had resumed all normal work and lifestyle activities.

A month later Mrs A. came back to clinic as her back was ‘niggling’ and her knee was painful (the result of a past knee injury). During this treatment and a further session a week later Mrs A. became increasingly concerned that the BP issue would reoccur. Mrs A was anxious, she had been in so much pain previously so needed reassurance to move confidently and to exercise. This we achieved and during follow up consultations we talked about the presenting issues, mood and lifestyle commitments and I listened to a description of pain patterns and physical restrictions. I was confident that Mrs A was responding well to this treatment and our agreement was that she would get in touch whenever she felt the need for a further appointment.

A quote from Mrs A. after her most recent treatment,

“My leg felt a lot better on the way home, after a blip during the night my leg has continued to improve and is much better. Many Thanks”

If this story resonates with you and you would like further information about Bowen Therapy, please contact me: 

Jen Webster Bowen | Advanced NST practitioner (BSc MBTPA CNHC reg)
E: | W: 
T: 07768 188664

*Bowen Therapy is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

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