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Acupuncture Awareness Week: 6th – 13th March

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Treating Sports Injuries and Physical Pains with Acupuncture!

In fact Acupuncture is often the treatment of choice when there is an acute trauma with swelling and inflammation, where it is not physically possible to move the body without causing more pain. It is also an excellent treatment for older injuries that have got stuck and cause pain or stiffness.

Problems such as sprains, bruises or pulled muscles happen often from sports activities but also from everyday activities like picking up a heavy bag of shopping, pulling up stubborn weeds, or perhaps from whiplash caused by a car accident.

The key thing with all these traumas is to respond quickly. Usually ‘rest, ice, compression and elevation’ come first but after that mobilisation is key and this is where Acupuncture is so effective for reducing pain and getting the blood to move again.

This month Acupuncturists in the UK are holding a Sports Injuries Awareness Week to coincide with National Acupuncture Awareness Week which falls between 6th -13th March.

Thame Therapy Clinic acupuncturists Andy Roscoe, Poppy Bowler and Debbie Robertshaw are all experienced in dealing with these problems and will be happy to help you.

In addition for all new patients booking an appointment at Thame Therapy Clinic during this week there will be FREE additional 30 min sessions available with Andy, Poppy and Debbie as follows;

  • Zero Balancing with Andy
  • Sport Massage with Poppy
  • Aromatherapy Massage with Debbie

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